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Welcome to Raparu 

Raparu is keen to promote the use of digital technology to improve the health and wellbeing of the population placing the patient at the centre of their health and care.

The team of health professionals and academics are focused on improving outcomes for people in their own home or community setting, through the use and promotion of digital technology.


Raparu Consult CIC is a new company founded on the experience of Paul Edden (managing director for Home Instead) and Dr Ruth Chambers (former GP and NHS digital lead).

We aim to inspire and promote healthy living by empowering people to self-care and enhance their chances of living independently for longer.

We offer: 


Individual items or kits for sale that support health and wellbeing through digital aids, or a subscription model for topping up consumables, digital aid handbooks, assistive tech kits; free to download advice, online diaries for healthy eating/exercise/care of BP or diabetes etc. and

  • Related digital upskilling of:

  • patients, citizens, carers

  • health & social care teams in any setting

  • community providers and professional organisations

Bespoke digital upskilling programmes which include: video calling, use of health apps, access to trusted websites, transmission of body images, biometric readings/interactive texting with responsible staff, use of accessible interactive devices (eg iPad, Alexa) with an optional focus on:

  • cardiovascular and respiratory diseases

  • diabetes

  • dementia and other health conditions.

To get in touch to see how we can help you please visit our contact page.

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