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New digital aids for self care of your health and wellbeing: diabetes edition now available

Diabetes risk can be easily overlooked, and sometimes those who have it may not know enough about their condition.

It’s really important to be aware: unchecked, prediabetes can lead to serious problems like heart disease or stroke, but is easily reversible. Diabetes itself is not curable, but steps can be taken to improve how you manage it.

Fortunately, there are lots of digital aids to help you manage diabetes. Our book covers helpful apps, websites and how devices like smart speakers might help you.

For an informative guide to diabetes, including what diabetes is, how you can manage or prevent it with digital aids, and even interesting apps, you can find it here:

Featured author: Dr Seyi Ogunmekhan

Dr Seyi has been a GP practitioner in Stoke on Trent since 2003. Seyi is the GP lead for the local Diabetes Clinical Network and advises local commissioners on diabetes care. He has co-authored academic papers which have been published in journals such as the British Medical Journal and Midlands Medicine. Dr Seyi has helped devise the popular Diabetes Question Time educational event for clinicians where he shares his expert insights alongside those of diabetes consultants, diabetes nurses, podiatrists and dieticians.

“This practical handbook guides anyone who has been diagnosed with prediabetes or has type 2 diabetes to really get going with using various digital aids to support their self-care. This could be via online learning from trusted websites, or health apps, video-consultation or texting to improve their lifestyle habits - such as regaining a healthy weight, stopping smoking, drinking too much alcohol, and taking more exercise; and understanding their condition better. For anyone and everyone looking after themselves is key to staying fit and healthy and avoiding serious health problems.”

Dr Ruth Chambers FRCGP, MD, OBE, featured author

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