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Smart aids to live well

With technology advancing daily, sometimes it can be hard to keep track of everything available. There are so many great devices to aid in your health and wellbeing, though, so you shouldn’t miss out.

Our new informative video covers lots of smart aids to help you live well. We cover topics such as how to take your blood pressure, how to measure your blood oxygen levels, and lots of products to help aid your health and wellbeing – like an exercise tube or a pedometer.

Weight measurement and recording your own heartbeat is also covered, so it’s really useful to take a look at our new video here:

Featured host: Alex Rowley

Alex is Director and Chief Technical Officer of Wavemaker CIC. With a professional background spanning 20 years, Alex has a significant amount of experience with technology. His skills encompass technical aspects of networking infrastructure, equipment deployment and management, training, support, advice and guidance. Alex has an in–depth knowledge of the challenges that relate to the education and training sector. He is passionate about helping to steer change, as an individual and representative of Wavemaker.

“I am the owner of a company that provides care for people in their own homes. I am interested in how the introduction of a little technology into people’s homes can help them remain independent and so help them stay in the place they love – home. It is possible to equip a home with a small number of inobtrusive devices that are able to (for example) monitor movement and activity, the opening and closing of an external door, the use of electrical devices in the kitchen and devices which can detect if the person has fallen.

This technology can also provide peace of mind for remotely located family members who can also monitor, in actual time, the activity of their loved ones.”

Paul Edden, featured host

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