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The Facebook Portal, COVID 19 and exploring care practice Staffordshire pilot

Seeing is believing

Starting in early 2020, at the height of the COVID 19 crisis, the Digihealthwell team began participation in a national pilot project supported by NHSx and Accenture. The essence of the pilot, which by design had a short delivery schedule, was to deploy Facebook Portals in locations where residents or occupants had become socially isolated or their interactions with friends and relatives and possibly professionals had been severely restricted or even stopped because of COVID 19.

Ideal locations under the project were residential homes, nursing homes, supported living or other locked in communities and, for example, shielding individuals or families. The brief was to deploy the Portals quickly with minimum bureaucracy and learn how the Portals were used. Evaluation of the project was managed by NHSx based on completion of surveys online by participant users and follow up telephone interviews with some participants.

To view the report please click on the following link:

Download PDF • 304KB

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