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Using smart speakers to aid your health and wellbeing

Smart speakers are a relatively new technology, that can seem interesting or convenient but then aren’t given much thought. Is it even safe to have listening speakers in your home?

Smart speakers can honestly be so useful. A lot of people that may struggle with mobility can find they help you be more independent. They can help with reminders, tell you the time, or just do fun things like play music. They can also help alert people to your safety, which can help keep you safe and independent. As we have seen with covid, the world can be unpredictable and having smart devices can help you stay connected with friends and family no matter what happens.

If you would like to learn more about smart speakers, in particular: their safety, how to set them up, a practical guide to costs, and how they can help you, you should go and watch our guide to smart speakers here:

“Smart speakers are a great gateway piece of technology. We find people who don’t feel confident with technology can use a smart speaker to do something as simple as play a radio station, then before they know it they are setting reminders, adding items to a shopping list and even making phone calls to connect with family and friends. In terms of reducing social isolation as well as increasing independent living, smart speakers go a long way towards helping make that a possibility.”

Ben Mcmanus, Wavemaker

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