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Menopause resources

Take Control of Your Menopause with a Smart Approach

This book is full of clinical insights and encouragement for any woman to understand and minimise the effects of their menopause, whatever their personal circumstances, at different times in their lives.


That might be about improving your lifestyle habits in sustained ways, realising the benefits of hormone replacement therapies or alternative treatments, adopting digital aids so that you have a smart approach to beating your menopause.


We’ve tended to focus on easily available, accessible and affordable digital aids like apps, and modes of delivery of patient care that are recommended by trustworthy organisations like the NHS or national charities.


Not all of the digital aids included here are freely available via NHS or social care providers; but if not, they are reasonably priced and easily bought online or in retail shops or pharmacies. The digital aids we’ve included throughout this handbook are just examples that we’d recommend to you - but there are lots more apps, devices and online resources available than we have capacity to cover here. 

The book is available to order by following this link.


The following apps and websites may be helpful:

The Balance website and app, created by Dr Louise Newson allows users to track their symptoms in a journal, participate in a community with others, and guides the user to access articles to read more about the menopause, various treatments and advice. The app is personalised to each individual where you can add your various health conditions and circumstances, so that articles shared with you are relevant to you.

Health & Her app & website Health & Her is designed to help you to track your symptoms, triggers and changes in your monthly cycle, whilst offering support and recommending some supplements that can be purchased through them directly. Whilst using Health & Her you can set personal goals and learn from top experts in the field by reading their articles and advice.

Caria app: Caria allows users to explore how to manage symptoms and treatment options, to get involved in community discussions, set daily goals to improve your health whilst logging symptoms and triggers and listening to a range of audios as to how you might get instant relief from your menopausal symptoms. The Caria app gives you a breakdown of all medications, supplements and alternative therapies used for the menopause to enable you to make an informed decision of what may work well for you that you might want to try.


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