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CVD Clinicians Webinar

Take a look at the vimeo of the webinar we shared on January 19th to relay our learning of using digital aids to underpin delivery of care for patients with cardiovascular conditions across Staffordshire NHS settings and in London too with Dr Minal Bakhai’s GP setting.

We captured real on the ground clinical experience of using AliveCor (Leads 1 and 6) in GP surgeries/remote outpatient clinics/at scale, digital stethoscopes such as ThinkLabs One & EKO devices, holters to monitor patients for up to 14 days such as zio & epatch holters, telehealth relaying blood pressure readings etc.

The presenters shared their experiences as to how they have used the devices and modes of delivery of care in practices/secondary care and Care Homes in digital transformational ways for enhancing their clinical diagnostic approaches, working in productive ways and empowering patients too.

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