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New smart with your weight book now available

Weight management can be a sensitive subject, but it is important to be able to feel your best. It is easy not to realise the impact your weight can have on your health, and this book is a helpful guide. From exploring exercise ideas, increasing your confidence and changing your eating habits in a more sustainable way, there are a lot of great resources in this book to help you.

If you want to lose weight without crash diets, increase your confidence, and achieve long term weight loss, this book is for you. If you are interested in learning more, you can find our book here:

Featured author: Dr Ruth Chambers FRCGP, MD, OBE

Ruth has been a general practitioner for 40+ years. She is an Honorary professor at Staffordshire University and also Keele University. Ruth’s interests focus on aiding people to self care, effective ways of working, stress in health professionals, and many other health related themes in various healthcare settings – most recently technology enabled care services in the NHS.

“This book aims to help support anyone trying to improve their health and lifestyle and looking to get healthier and fitter. We have compiled some great hints and tips to encourage people on their journey-including how digital tools can play a key role in supporting and motivating individuals, alongside expert advice from a GP with extensive knowledge in the subject.”

Rachel Hatfield, featured author

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