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New talking meds weight loss podcast

Weight management can be a sensitive subject, but it is important to talk about so we can feel healthier in ourselves. Our new content delivers interesting bite size pieces of knowledge in an easy to listen podcast, that can be fit into any hectic routine. The podcasts cover topics such as BMI and what is it, personal experiences, and the effects of weight loss.

Our podcasts can be found here:

“The Talking Meds Weight Loss podcast is essential listening for anyone who has struggled with their weight at some point in their lives, which is the majority of the population. Those taking part in the podcasts consist of a retired GP, a junior doctor, a medical student and a vicar. The style is relaxed and not judgmental.

The six episodes look at what obesity and overweight actually mean and how a high BMI (Body Mass Index) may adversely affect your health.

There is also discussion about diets and how behavioural change is important and some of the biological, psychological and social elements that relate to weight loss and how to keep the weight off!” to listen via Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Amazon.

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